Transport Scotland Aviation Consultancy Framework

InterVISTAS, in partnership with Northpoint Aviation (Scotland), has been selected by Transport Scotland for participation in The Multi-Supplier Framework Agreement for Engineering and Transportation Consultancy Services for Transport Scotland – Lot Aviation.

As part of the agreement, InterVISTAS anticipates carrying out a range of air service development projects over a period of four years.

Congratulations to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority on New LATAM Non-Stop Lima Service

We are delighted that LATAM has announced year-round non-stop service between its Lima (Peru) hub and Washington-Dulles. The service starts in the second half of 2016 and will operate four times a week year-round.

Said Enrique Cueto, CEO of LATAM Airlines Group, in the carrier’s press release, “We are extremely pleased with this announcement as it represents an important milestone for the group since we are beginning operations to a fifth destination within the United States, becoming the only operator to offer nonstop service between Lima and Washington DC. This strengthens the Company’s operations between Latin America and the US.”

InterVISTAS assisted the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority with route forecasting.

Warm congratulations to the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority!

Congratulations to Los Angeles World Airports on New Aer Lingus Non-Stop Dublin Service

We are delighted that Aer Lingus has announced year-round non-stop service between its Dublin (Ireland) hub and Los Angeles International Airport. The service starts 4 May 2016 and will operate five times a week.

InterVISTAS assisted Los Angeles World Airports with route forecasting.

Warm congratulations to Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles World Airports and the City of Los Angeles!

Congratulations to Denver International Airport on New Lufthansa Non-Stop Munich Service

We are delighted that Lufthansa has announced year-round non-stop service between its Munich (Germany) hub and Denver. The service starts 11 May 2016 and will be operate five times a week year-round.

Kim Day, CEO of Denver International Airport, said, “Lufthansa’s nonstop service between Denver and Munich will stimulate travel between two regions that are already rich with synergies – from world-class beer festivals to innovation and entrepreneurship, Colorado and Bavaria are deeply connected. In addition, Lufthansa’s Munich hub provides industry-leading 30-minute connection times to dozens of destinations, including more than 30 unique destinations that are not accessible via Lufthansa’s Frankfurt hub today.”

Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock said, “New nonstop international flights raise Denver’s profile on the global stage. More important, these flights produce new economic activity and create new jobs. Lufthansa’s Munich service is estimated to generate more than 700 new jobs and boost statewide economic output by more than $80 million annually.”

InterVISTAS assisted Denver International Airport with route forecasting and wider economic assessment.

Warm congratulations to Denver International Airport and the City and County of Denver!

Railway Association of Canada Presentation

Following the successful conclusion of our first assignment with the Railway Association of Canada, we were commissioned to develop a short presentation based on the recently concluded report on the state of rail data disclosure in Canada. Mike Tretheway delivered a very well received presentation on behalf of RAC to the staff involved with the Canada Transportation Act Review.