Winnipeg Airports Authority Route Forecasts and Business Case for New Air Service

InterVISTAS is pleased to be working with the Winnipeg Airports Authority to provide detailed route forecasts and develop a business case for new air service.  Route analysis will be conducted for a number of different schedule scenarios and will include forecasts of airline market share, load factor, revenue and traffic stimulation. We are proud to support YWG in its pursuit of these strategically significant new air service.

InterVISTAS Report Published by the U.S. Transportation Research Board (ACRP Report 76)

ACRP 76The Transportation Research Board has published a report by InterVISTAS Consulting Inc. and HDR Inc. on how airports should make decisions when faced with uncertainty about future traffic levels. The report provides a methodology which enables airports to better understand and manage risk and uncertainty in future traffic development and its implications for capital programs

Airports have been impacted by unexpected changes in airport activity levels resulting from economic conditions, airline industry restructuring, terrorism and natural disasters. This report acts as a guidebook on how to develop air traffic forecasts in the face of a broad range of uncertainties. It also provides a methodology to augment standard master planning and strategic planning approaches with tools to directly address the presence of risk and uncertainty and to incorporate risk mitigation measures in airport decision making.

The report was motivated by questions being raised in the airport industry regarding the ability of traditional forecasting techniques to produce reliable estimates of airport traffic levels, and concerns as to whether airport planning approaches were providing meaningful guidance to airport decision makers in an era of increasing risk and uncertainty. A key theme of the report is the need to develop better forecasts which are more explicit in identifying uncertainty in future airport traffic levels, and then to utilise flexible master and strategic planning techniques. Forecasting must take into consideration what can happen in addition to what is most likely to happen. Many existing planning processes focus primarily on the latter, which can result in capital programs that inadvertently expose the airport to considerable risk.

In commenting on the report, MIT Professor Richard de Neufville (author of Flexibility in Engineering Design) stated:
“This report is a path-breaking contribution to the field of airport planning and decision-making. It provides clear guidelines and procedures for addressing the evident reality that forecasts are unreliable, and therefore that we need to develop flexible plans that can adjust smoothly to actual events and trends.”

The report can be downloaded at the National Academy of Sciences website at

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Toronto Port Authority and Toronto Board of Trade Jointly Release InterVISTAS Economic Impact Report

The Toronto Port Authority and the Toronto Board of Trade jointly released an InterVISTAS Economic Impact Report at a press release conference.  The report on Billy Bishop Airport showed that the quickly growing airport generated 1,700 direct jobs, $74 million in direct wages and $200 million in direct GDP.

Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria Air Service Development Contract

InterVISTAS is awarded a contract by the Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria (“MAAP”), which operates Peoria International Airport, to analyze the economic, demographic, passenger and fare data from Peoria and the surrounding region. The analysis will assist MAAP in assessing the market of international flights to a number of leisure destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean and in turn, enable MAAP to justify to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection organization the placement of Customs officers in a new FIS at the airport.

Lisbon Airport Route Forecasts and Business Case for Long Haul Air Service

InterVISTAS has been selected by Lisbon Airport to provide detailed route forecasts and develop a business case for new long haul air service. Analysis will include forecasts of airline market share, load factor, revenue, traffic stimulation and share steal/cannibalization. We are proud to support LIS in this important project!