InterVISTAS Wins Contract for Singapore Changi Airport Economic Impact Study

InterVISTAS wins the contract for an economic impact study for the Singapore Changi Airport. This large study will provide the standard measures of employment and economic activity and examine the catalytic effects arising from the airport’s strong global connectivity.

Toronto Port Authority Awards InterVISTAS Contract for Economic Impact Study at Toronto City Centre Airport

The Toronto Port Authority (TPA) awards InterVISTAS a contract to examine and explain the economic impact of Toronto City Centre Airport (TCCA), one of the fastest growing airports in Canada. The project is ongoing and is to be completed by the end of July.

InterVISTAS to Provide Air Cargo Strategy for Garuda Indonesia

InterVISTAS works with Garuda Indonesia to develop an air cargo strategy.

InterVISTAS to Provide Feasibility Evaluation for Premium Asian Airline

InterVISTAS works with Malaysia Airlines and Qantas in evaluating the feasibility of a premium airline in Asia.

InterVISTAS to Provide Route Analysis and Business Plan for French Caribbean Regional Airlines

The French Caribbean RegionalAirlines contracts InterVISTAS to provide route analysis and a business plan.