Vancouver International Airport Daily Surveying Program – Passenger Satisfaction Tracking

The Challenge

Anticipating unprecedented passenger volumes, Vancouver Airport Authority wanted to monitor passenger satisfaction and service delivery levels prior to and throughout the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympics Games period. Daily updates on satisfaction levels within different terminals at the airport were required to allow for rapid response to passenger processing, volume management and ongoing service delivery.

Our Role

Using hand-held survey technology, InterVISTAS designed and conducted a quality control survey that commenced 11 January 2010, continued through the Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games period, and finished on 31 March 2010. Passenger input and comments were immediately uploaded to a database that delivered key service trend data throughout the airport system.


InterVISTAS provided YVR with real time data, feedback and trend interpretation that allowed for immediate assessment and adjustment of daily customer service delivery to passengers before, during and after the critical Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games period. The International Olympic Committee recognized the Authority for flawless passenger service delivery pre/during/post Games in its post-Games report.