Winnipeg Airports Authority Air Cargo Potential Study

The Challenge

WAA commissioned InterVISTAS to assess the air cargo potential at YWG. WAA was interested in potential niche strategies for YWG that could differentiate it from other air cargo gateways and exploit some of its current and natural advantages.


Our Role

InterVISTAS analyzed current and potential trade lanes to identify trends and areas of opportunity.  Freight forwarders were also interviewed to get first-hand insights into market dynamics and inputs specific to YWG.

  • Market analysis via Stats Canada, US Census Bureau, UN Comtrade
  • Identification of key commodity flows
  • Assessment of heavy cargo and express traffic potential
  • Facilities review
  • Discussion of challenges facing YWG cargo development



InterVISTAS prepared a final report outlining short-term and long-term recommendations for YWG.