Vancouver Convention Centre GHG Inventory

The Challenge

BC’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act requires the Province’s GHG emissions to be reduced by 33% by 2020. Many public organizations are to be carbon neutral by 2010. This may require purchasing carbon offsets. VCC also sees a potential to enhance its brand with the climate-aware public and tourism organizations.

Our Role

InterVISTAS has completed comprehensive GHG inventories for VCC since 2007, based on international GHG accounting & reporting protocols. Our reports include:

  • Inventories of GHG, by source, over time
  • GHG performance indicators
  • An analysis of the emissions generated by VANOC’s use of the VCC
  • Review of carbon offset purchases


In 2009, absolute emissions increased by 17%, but that was largely due to VANOC’s use and VCC’s opening the new “west” facility. However, all 3 GHG “intensity indicators” decreased from 2008, with InterVISTAS’ help.