Vancouver Convention Centre Sustainability Strategy Refinement

The Challenge

After helping the Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC) to quantify, report and reduce its carbon footprint for several years, InterVISTAS was contracted to help develop a sustainability strategy that it could follow.

The Vancouver Convention Centre has garnered numerous awards for its sustainability efforts including being the first convention centre to ever attain LEED platinum certification for its West Building facility and operations. The VCC wanted to ensure that it stayed on the leading edge amongst its peers and therefore contracted InterVISTAS to review its practices against those of other leading convention centres.

The main challenge during the course of the project was to identify and determine which practices at other convention centres were truly leading practices versus those that were more marketing focused. The project team contacted the managers who were operationally responsible for sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility at a number of the facilities to conduct interviews to gain an in depth understanding of them.

Our Role

InterVISTAS did an industry scan to identify relevant sustainability frameworks, reporting guidelines and certifications. The team then reviewed the sustainability strategies, frameworks and practices of twelve comparable convention and exhibition centres around the world for publicly available information.

From the information gathered in interviews with various facility managers, comparisons were made to confirm that the Vancouver Convention Centre’s existing sustainability practices were industry leading and to refine the recommended strategy and planned actions


The sustainability strategy and recommended actions are currently being executed by the Vancouver Convention Centre to reinforce its position as a global leader for sustainability in the convention and meeting industry.