US-Canada Border Goods Movements Value-Stream Mapping

The Challenge

The Presidents of the United States and Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada agreed in 2004 to further the security and prosperity of North America through a series of partnership initiatives.  Key to this was the movement of goods between countries with respect to differing border management practices.

Our Role

Using research funds under the US-Mexico-Canada partnership, Industry Canada retained InterVISTAS to deliver value stream maps on the movement of goods through Canada to the United States.  InterVISTAS worked with stakeholders to select seven multi-national corporations from various industries ranging from automotive products, food processing, textile manufacturers to chemical producers.

Each firm was reviewed to identify the primary cause of delays for their goods through the border as well as to gather their views for establishing a smoother and free-flowing border.


The InterVISTAS study is the most detailed review of micro examples of the significance of border delays to multi-national firms in North America.  For every minute of delay, a calculation of the range of significance to different industries was concluded.  Furthermore, InterVISTAS made over 30 recommendations that will serve to inform further facility, policy and process enhancements for the US-Canada relationship.