Tourism Vancouver Strategic Plan

The Challenge

InterVISTAS has worked closely with Tourism Vancouver to develop the destination’s tourism strategic plans to build their leisure and group markets. This includes the DMO’s 2015 strategic plan which was created to support the Province’s goal of doubling tourism revenues, and a recent Rethink strategy.

Our Role

InterVISTAS was invited to identify key trends and opportunities for the region. Our team facilitated wide-ranging consultations and strategic planning sessions of the Tourism Vancouver management team and board.

InterVISTAS’ Executive Consultant, Paul Vallee, spearheaded the development of the DMO’s recent Rethink destination strategy – which provides an update to the 2015 strategic plan.


Vancouver is now recognized as a major international destination for visitors world-wide. In 2010, the city hosted over 8.4 million visitors and generated over $3.8 billion in tourism receipts.

The 2015 strategic plan and subsequent Rethink strategy has provided the DMO and destination with clear objectives and targets, along with a set of strategic ideas to stimulate continuous thinking and innovation.