Cargo Co-Terminalization Study

The Challenge

The issue of cargo co-terminalization was a key impediment to Canada and the United States  reaching an Open Skies Agreement  due to Canadian government concerns about the impact on domestic cargo carriers. The airport authorities in Toronto, Montréal, and Vancouver needed  an assessment of the potential impact to put the issue into proper context.

Our Role

InterVISTAS prepared a report which explained the issue and the Canadian concerns, analyzed the different types of transborder air cargo traffic flows to determine what volume of traffic was at risk, and developed scenarios to illustrate the economics of co-terminalization vs. the status quo.

The analysis showed that while the economics of operation favoured co-terminalization in some situations, the total volume of traffic that was at risk was not large and would not significantly impact existing operators.


The report allayed concerns about negative impacts on Canadian carriers and allowed the Canadian government to accept cargo co-terminalization, helping pave the way for the new Canada-U.S. Open Skies Agreement.