Singapore Changi Business Process Review

The Challenge

In order to continue to excel in the extremely competitive global aviation environment, Changi Airport Group initiated a strategic planning exercise to carefully map the airport’s path forward over the next 5 to 10 years.  Changi Airport Group asked for an external review of leading global airport practices.

Our Role

The InterVISTAS team delivered a comprehensive review of airport business processes, with comparisons across leading global hubs.  Topics included in the business process review included generating market demand, capacity development, system operations, funding and advancing the policy environment.

A total of 15 business processes were reviewed and benchmarked to provide Changi Airport Group with a basis for advancing its strategies.  InterVISTAS developed evaluation criteria and assessment methodologies specific to Singapore Airport’s context.


Changi Airport Group was able to use the results of the InterVISTAS study to initiate the first set of strategies associated with the corporatization of the management of the airport.