San Juan Airport, Puerto Rico Privatisation Commercial Development Plan

The Challenge

InterVISTAS advised Macquarie and Ferrovial to develop its business plan in support its bid for San Juan Luiz Muñoz Marín International Airport.  The scope of advisory services includes activity forecasts, a commercial development plan, and an operations and management plan.

Our Role

InterVISTAS conducted a due diligence of the asset that included a review of historical activity, commercial revenue development, operating expenditures. Activity forecasts were prepared using a combination of supply and demand based forecasting techniques. Commercial revenue projections were developed based on historical performance, and ability of the operator to achieve best in class revenue generation.  Operating expenditures were reviewed and validated based on historical performance, international standards and facilities operation requirements.


Macquarie and Ferrovial were one of two parties short-listed in the final round of the privatization process.

Client Remarks
“You have been absolutely fantastic.” – Liyan Shen, Macquarie