San Antonio International Airport Market Share Analysis

The Challenge

San Antonio is approximately one hour from Austin. A large population base lives along the major transportation corridors connecting the two cities. While San Antonio has a larger population, Austin, as the states capital, benefits from government-related business travel. At a macro level, the airports mirror each other in terms of capacity and passengers. To appropriately understand the airport’s true potential, San Antonio needed an accurate assessment of the traffic patterns and airport shares from both cities and the intermediate shared catchment area.

Our Role

InterVISTAS applied its market share analysis models to estimate by individual origin – destination, the share of passengers from each catchment area using each of San Antonio, Austin and Houston airports. The study examined the primary factors leading to variation in airport share and passengers preference for one airport over another.


San Antonio was able to better identify those market opportunities where superior service could be expected to generate significant traffic through both the recapture of traffic using the other airports and the diversion of Austin catchment and the shared catchment area traffic to San Antonio. The airport was better position to explain those situations where Austin appeared to attract higher market share and defend their ability to compete affectively.