Robert Bosch: US Custom and Borders Protection C-TPAT Validation Support

The Challenge

Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is voluntary program for the trade community to ensure a more secure and expedited supply chain process across the border. Bosch as one of the World’s largest supplier of automotive components, recognizes the barriers in applying for C-TPAT membership. To ensure that C-TPAT membership was successfully achieved, they required thorough certification/validation services.

Our Role

In 2005, InterVISTAS performed a review of C-TPAT criteria and supported the application process for Bosch towards C-TPAT membership. This involved a review of security and other measures undertaken by Bosch. InterVISTAS also verified CBP requirements, identified gaps and provided the  recommendations for achieving C-TPAT membership.


On behalf of Bosch Company, InterVISTAS provided services that  supported its C-TPAT membership. This allowed Bosch expedited shipments across the border with reduced CBP secondary inspections. Additionally, this process greatly improved their supply chain security and facilitation, and overall  supply chain efficiency.