Restructuring of Airport Regulatory Oversight Privatization of the Airport System in Argentina

The Challenge

After a set of complications arose from the award of privatization concessions by the Government of Argentina, the regulatory body (ORSNA) determined a need for restructuring of regulations, standards and policies.

Our Role

InterVISTAS Consulting LLC advised the Government of Argentina on a variety of regulatory issues related to the implementation of privatization of the Argentine Airport System. We developed methodologies for regulating airport charges using activity-based pricing principals, reviewed existing regulatory and legislative functions, reviewed and analyzed the privatization concession agreements, developed a set of airport quality of service metrics, reviewed and analyzed market trends and competition, advised on restructuring the privatization arrangements, and developed related regulatory frameworks.


The Government of Argentina was able to promptly address issues that arose from the expedited airport privatization award process, using tested solutions and sound procedures. InterVISTAS’ advice was instrumental in the Government’s ability to address these challenges.