RAHI Regional Airline Feasibility Study for Small Airports Serving South India

The Challenge

India is a fast growing nation.  Many tertiary cities in India lack commercial air service.  RAHI saw a need to analyze market sizes of small regional cities and develop a sustainable air service model to serve these cities.

Our Role

  • Estimated market sizes through multiple methods including: GDP propensity, similitude analysis and comparison with current airports, as MIDT and IATA PaxIS information were not readily available.
  • Developed yield curves and fares to be used in route modeling through multimodal and similar airport and fare analysis.
  • Developed route structure and aircraft selection and business case.
  • Executed modeling for air taxi operation.


  • Developed unique market size and fare information on small airports currently not available for smaller India cities.
  • Based on InterVISTAS’ evaluation of route structure yields and profitability, the client implemented an air taxi operation.