Pristina International Airport PPP Transaction Advisory Services

The Challenge

The Government of Kosovo decided to involve the private sector in the development of Pristina International Airport and appointed, through the Ministry of Economy and Finance, InterVISTAS to provide Transaction Advisory Services.

Our Role

InterVISTAS provided Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) procurement, which among others, included due diligence, the preparation of a detailed traffic forecast that led to a financial feasibility study and investment requirements. Lastly, InterVISTAS made recommendations on the concession structure and prepared legal draft and final concession documentation. InterVISTAS provided support to the Government ensuring that interest from investors was well evaluated and the negotiations were meeting all requirements. The signed concession was effective on February 2011.


A 20-years DFBOT (Design-Finance-Build-Operate-Transfer) concession contract was awarded to a French-Turkish consortium (Aéroport de Lyon and Limak Holdings) with an obligation to invest over €100 million in a new landmark terminal building and related infrastructure. While retaining full ownership of Airport assets, the Republic of Kosovo can expect to receive approximately €450 million in airport revenues over the life of the contract.