Port Privatization World Bank Port Reform Toolkit: Best Practices Guide

The Challenge

InterVISTAS served as the coordinator for the World Bank’s Port Reform Toolkit. The Toolkit was designed to help governments, port authorities, and prospective port concessionaires understand the process of port reform and to give them a set of practical tools for shaping and implementing those reforms.

Our Role

InterVISTAS’ role was to work with each of the consultants responsible for drafting the individual modules to make certain that they dealt with the proper issues and presented them in a way that will be easily understood by government decision makers as well as potential concessionaires. The objective of the World Bank in developing this toolkit is to provide not only a comprehensive but also an easy to use and apply toolkit for port reform.


The report was organized into modules describing: the current state of the maritime and port sectors; alternative port structures and organizations; legal frameworks for reform and concession contracts; allocating and managing risk among participants in port reform; economic regulation of ports; labor implications of port reform; and reform implementation strategies.