Port Prince Rupert Traffic and Infrastructure Expansion Support

The Challenge

The Port of Prince Rupert on Canada’s Pacific Coast is one of the fastest growing ports in North America, supporting trade between the U.S., Canada, and China.  To meet planned demand it must significantly develop its road, rail, and utilities networks so that it can support the development of numerous new marine terminals and support facilities and services.

Our Role

Over a three-year period InterVISTAS has provided economic, planning, advocacy and gateway development support to the Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA).  This has included economic impact analysis, Multiple Accounts Evaluation (MAE) of proposed port and terminal development, and facilitating the development of a Gateway Council.


Analysis developed by InterVISTAS was used by the PRPA to raise $45 million in P3 financing for port infrastructure from the federal and provincial governments and CN. Analysis developed by InterVISTAS has also been used to explain the ports development to investors, port users, government and the public, and our research is posted on the port’s web site.