Onyx Equity Partners Business Aviation Airport Acquisition

The Challenge

Onyx Equity Partners needed comprehensive operational and financial planning services as it evaluated redevelopment options at Monmouth Executive Airport (BLM) located in Wall Township, New Jersey, an emerging business aviation airport serving New York City.

Our Role

InterVISTAS assessed the airport’s operations, developed a business vision for the buyers, conducted a competitive market assessment, identified preliminary business, licensing and operating requirements, and evaluated capital expenditure requirements. InterVISTAS evaluated the general condition of the airfield, the supporting infrastructure, level and types of aircraft operations, tenants and related equipment/facilities. In addition, InterVISTAS met with stakeholders to identify operational and financial goals, expectations and concerns for the airport, including potential operational restrictions, environmental and noise concerns, and taxation of the property.


InterVISTAS developed a business plan to transform BLM into a competitive regional business aviation hub, and coordinated the preparation of airport operating and security manuals, and the required license transfers, which are currently on hold, pending completion of the sale.