Oman Air Distribution Strategy

The Challenge

Oman Air wanted to improve its distribution cost structure and take advantage of direct distribution, as well as achieving a better reach to high yield business passengers.

Our Role

The InterVISTAS team developed a distribution strategy executing the following project activities:

    • Interviews and information capture on channels, segments per channel, unit revenues and costs per channel
    • Develop ‘as is’ distribution mix where segments per channel and channel costs are identified
    • Review distribution industry best practices
    • Develop ‘to be’ distribution mix expanding share of direct distribution and other measures
    • Develop financial model identifying the benefits of the new distribution mix where the distribution costs are reduced and access to high yield customers is improved
    • Benchmark ancillary revenues and develop ancillary revenue improvement strategy
    • Define specific projects and implementation plan for execution of the proposed distribution strategy


The distribution strategy was approved and is currently being implemented by Oman Air.