Frankfurt-Munich Lufthansa Hub Studies

The Challenge

InterVISTAS advised Lufthansa on the ramifications of deregulation of the European air service market.  Examined in detail the history and competitive implications of U.S. deregulation, and analyzed the strengths of potential new European competitors.  Performed the Frankfurt-Munich Hub Studies, and assisted Lufthansa in the development of a post-bilateral strategic plan, including support of efforts to secure antitrust approval of the Lufthansa-United alliance.

Our Role

InterVISTAS provided chief advisory services for the U.S.-Germany Open Skies Negotiations, and co-developed and implemented Lufthansa’s strategy for securing the U.S.-Germany Open Skies Agreement.  Efforts included developing detailed negotiating proposals, and advising the client and its Government on the benefits of such a proposal.  The project also entailed the design and implementation of a supporting public relations strategy.


InterVISTAS co-developed and implemented Lufthansa’s strategy for securing a phased liberalization of the U.S.-Germany air service bilateral.  Devised detailed negotiating strategies and proposals, and briefed client and the German Government on the likely U.S. response to such proposals.  Efforts led to creation of significant new opportunities for Lufthansa, and implementation of the Lufthansa-United alliance.