LIAT Revenue Management Capacity Building

The Challenge

In 2013, LIAT airlines had recently re-organized its commercial department and the Chief Commercial Office believed the carrier was far from realizing the full benefit of their revenue management system and processes.  The carriers complex network further challenged the capacity of the existing system.

Our Role

InterVISTAS evaluated the current pricing and revenue management practices; the revenue management system configuration; the market profile and behaviour; the effectiveness of the distribution channels, and; the capacity of the passenger service system; leading to the development of an effective revenue management process appropriate to the carriers unique requirements.  InterVISTAS provided formal revenue management concept and practice training supported by extensive day-to-day coaching and team development.


With confidence in the skills and capacity of the revenue management team, LIAT was able to more aggressively pursue advance purchase discount traffic and network traffic in order to earn incremental revenue from otherwise unused capacity.  The carrier implemented a program of prioritized process and system improvements that materially increased revenue with expected gains in excess of 5%.