InterVISTAS to hold webinar on 26 February 2016 12:00 EST regarding the Canada Transportation Act Review Report




InterVISTAS to hold webinar on 26 February 2016 12:00 EST regarding the Canada Transportation Act Review Report
25 February 2016, Ottawa Canada

Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau tabled today, 25 February 2016, the long awaited report on the Canada Transportation Act Review. InterVISTAS will host a webinar reviewing the key aviation provisions on Friday 26 February 2016 at 12:00 EST (9am PST).

The webinar can be joined by internet at this link:

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If you wish to obtain the slides for the webinar, please send an e-mail to
INFO@InterVISTAS.comSlides will be emailed to those requesting them just prior the webinar to allow those joining by phone to follow along.

The Canada Transportation Review Act report can be downloaded at .


Background. In 2014, the Transport Minister commissioned the Honorable Dr. David Emerson to chair a review Canada’s Transportation Act and related legislation and policy. Dr. Emerson and his panel of five advisors conducted a thorough review of the legislation and policy and submitted a report to the Minister. That report was tabled in Parliament today.

The review, entitled Pathways: Connecting Canada’s Transportation System to the World, focusses on Canada’s transportation and policy needs with a 20 to 30 year outlook. As stated by Dr. Emerson in his transmittal letter: “The Report makes significant recommendations on government decision-making and regulatory frameworks to reflect best practices in other jurisdictions. A swath of specific recommendations deal with the transport of grain, Canada’s trade gateways and corridors, the north, climate change, technology and innovation, accessibility, as well as recommendations relating to each major mode of transport.”

The report contains some dramatic recommendations in the aviation sector, including phasing out airport rents, dedicating domestic fuel taxes back to aviation, reclassification of some airports, and enabling larger airports to access equity capital. Airline foreign ownership limits are recommended to be increased from 25% to 49%, and 100% for all-cargo carriers. Bilaterals (to the extent they are used in the future) are encouraged to provide more access and increase the weight on trade policy and tourism objectives. Consumer rights are recommended to be defined by legislation. The Air Traveler’s Security Charge should be reduced and there is a recommendation to expand border automated border clearance services. The review recommends fundamental changes to help improve security screening regulations, airport hub performance, as well as the need to align tourism, border facilitation and trade.

This is the first major review of federal transportation policy since the previous CTA review of 2001.  The Minister indicated the next steps will begin with consultation with his federal, provincial and territorial counterparts, indigenous communities, and private and public stakeholders.

Webinar. InterVISTAS Consulting Inc. will host a webinar that will review key aviation aspects of the report. The 60 minute webinar will include

  • Dr. Mike Tretheway, InterVISTAS’ Chief Economist and Chief Strategy Officer
    an expert on transportation economics and policy
  • Solomon Wong, Executive Vice President
    an expert on facilitation and security issues
  • Debra Ward, Executive Consultant
    and the former Ministerial Transition Observer on airline restructuring.

Following the initial presentation, questions will be addressed. We kindly request that questions be submitted during the webinar by email to


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