Incremental Effect of Air Service – Quebec City Airport

The Challenge

Quebec City Airport wanted to understand the impact of new air services at Quebec City Airport, including the indirect impact of increased visitor spending.

Our Role

InterVISTAS was engaged to conduct an analysis to estimate the potential incremental revenue uplift.


Type of                                      Direct Revenue            Indirect Revenue            Total Revenue
Service                                           Impact                             Impact                             Impact

Short-Haul  (domestic)                 $1,427,430              $12,613,907                    $14,041,337

Medium-Haul (domestic)            $4,473,695             $43,568,035                    $49,041,731

Long-Haul (overseas Europe)   $24,245,481            $40,524,680                   $64,770,160

Direct Revenue Impact includes the incremental revenues generated at Quebec City Airport and also aircraft crew spending (e.g., overnight accommodations, food & beverage, etc.) while Indirect Revenue Impact includes the incremental spending by visitors to Quebec City (e.g., accommodations, food & beverage, shopping, entertainment, etc.).