Hotel Association of Canada Strategic Plan

The Challenge

Generating over $16 billion in revenues annually, an estimated $7 billion in revenue for all three levels of government, and 284,000 jobs, the hotel and lodging sector is not only a major component of Canada’s tourism industry, but is a key contributor to Canada’s economy. Looking into the future, the Hotel Association of Canada required guidance and support for the development of their 5 year strategic plan.

Our Role

InterVISTAS surveyed stakeholders, board members, and partner organizations which provided a base to identifying the current state of the organization and factors for the future. InterVISTAS then led a two-day strategic planning workshop including industry analysis and brainstorming of priorities for the next 5 years. Subsequently, InterVISTAS collated and assessed all input and developed the 5 year strategic plan with specific targets and objectives to be achieved between 2013-2017.


The Hotel Association of Canada will share this key document with government, industry stakeholders and partners to solicit buy in and program support. Over the next 5 years, the Association will continue to progress through the plan to maximize the future business success for its national industry membership.