Halifax International Airport Operations Review

The Need

In 2007, InterVISTAS conducted an audit and risk assessment of Halifax International Airport operations to identify and document risks, and propose mitigation strategies to ensure the airport’s continued growth and success.

Our Role

A comprehensive risk review was undertaken to identify issues and recommend potential solutions, including for airside/terminal operations; operational management /response; ground transportation/ parking; cargo operations, engineering /maintenance; security, marketing / business development; human resources; information systems, environmental management, and organization/ management. A comprehensive gap analysis and risk management program was developed based on key findings in each area.  The final report provided recommendations with respect to implementation and estimated timelines for risk mitigation.  It also provided resource information to enable the Airport to move forward with the sourcing of the necessary tools and contacts to implement programs and best practices.


As a result of the review, the Airport Authority was able to use the operational risk assessment to make substantive changes to its operations, including in asset management and other infrastructure and financial risk areas.