Government of Bermuda Tourism Organization Review

The Challenge

InterVISTAS advised the Government of Bermuda on the potential of creating a new organizational model to address the issues facing their tourism industry.

Our Role

Our team undertook a thorough evaluation of alternative international governance models. Five alternative models were considered: Continuing with a Government Ministry; Establishing a Special Operating Agency; Creating a Statutory Corporation/Authority; Contracting out to a Private Corporation; Establishing a Membership Based Corporation with Tax Funding.

The study evaluated the pros and cons of each option, and also provided detailed recommendations on organization structure, financing and a transition plan for Bermuda.


The recommended model provided the opportunity to:

  • Establish a vehicle for the integration of the many marketing activities;
  • Encourage closer working relationships to increase effectiveness;
  • Combine scarce resources, financial assets and human skills currently resident within the government and industry;
  • Establish a vision and long-term strategy;
  • Create a mechanism to enable all tourism industry stakeholders to subscribe to a common vision, mission and strategy.