Gander International Airport Authority Air Cargo Transhipment

The Challenge

The responsibility for operating Gander International Airport was transferred from the federal government to a local airport authority, the Gander International Airport Authority, in 2001. Without access to federal funding, one challenge was to raise revenues to improve financial viability.

Our Role

InterVISTAS recognized that an old and little-used Canadian program, international air cargo transhipment, was ideal for Gander. This policy would allow carriers lacking bilateral rights to tranship cargo at Gander to U.S. or other carriers with traffic rights. This would be particularly attractive to eastern European carriers operating older Russian-built Stage 2 freighters, as GanderĀ  has no noise restrictions. InterVISTAS assisted in getting Gander named as a designated transhipment point, and marketed the opportunity to a number of airlines in support of GIAA.


New services were operated through Gander by a number of eastern European carriers for regular inbound shipments of car parts and ad hoc shipments of outsized pieces such as power generators as well as outbound vaccines and military supplies.