FREMP Economic Vision for Fraser River Estuary

The Challenge

The FREMP Economic Development Task Group is tasked with preserving land and water areas required to support the demand for water-related industrial uses, while mitigating issues around habitat protection and incompatible land use. A strategic planning process was steered by InterVISTAS to document the information available on economic development, establish a coherent vision and the strategic policies for economic development along the Fraser River.

Our Role

InterVISTAS undertook analyses to examine the economics of river movements; revealing that water-based movements when compared to rail represent 1/4th the financial costs of transport, and 1/6th the environmental costs.  InterVISTAS also updated information on 254 firms in the “Industry” layer of the FREMP GIS system.  This analyses indicated that 222 of 254 companies listed in the GIS industry layer are water dependent in their economic functions.


A four-part vision was developed with municipalities surrounding the Fraser River, GVRD and TransLink to ensure the economic vitality of the Fraser River. The GIS layer InterVISTAS updated serves as a basis for future FREMP activities in their economic development vision.