Farnborough Airport Business Plan

The Challenge

The TAG Group was considering a bid for a leasehold interest in Farnborough Aerodrome (“Farnborough”), and required advisory services including the development of an aviation strategic plan; development of a capture strategy; creation of business plan; analysis of pricing; development of detailed movements forecasts based upon macro demand and forecast capacity and attractiveness of competing facilities serving London; development of financial and feasibility studies and due diligence; negotiation of regulatory framework with the U.K. Ministry of Defense; assessment of regulatory compliance; guidance on transition from military to civil use of the aerodrome, including complex facilities and planning issues and oversight of the determination of the capital expenditures required; pre-bid through post-bid strategy development and execution; turnkey management, including management of subcontractors; public and government relations; operations planning; marketing support and development of market demand study; and transition planning.

Our Role

InterVISTAS performed a turnkey effort for the TAG Group, as a part of InterVISTAS’ strategic advisory to TAG’s aviation division.  InterVISTAS served as the TAG Group’s principal advisor in connection with its bid to obtain the leasehold interest in Farnborough Aerodrome.  InterVISTAS’ scope ranged from bid development through implementation of the business plan, including coordination of the activities of all other external advisors.


TAG Group was selected as the successful bidder for Farnborough.  Financial and operational results have met or exceeded projections over the term of the project.