Destination Marketing Organization National Benchmarking Initiative

The Challenge

The competitive and global environments have created challenging conditions for destination marketing organizations (DMO). Boards and Government stakeholders are demanding that DMOs apply best practices, do more with less, and be accountable for the marketing dollars spent and quantify their relevancy.

Our Role

In 2009, InterVISTAS launched the nation-wide DMO Annual Best Practices and Benchmarking Study to:

  • Provide a basis for DMO performance benchmarking across Canada which takes into account differences in organizational/market size and funding levels.
  • Provide a platform for DMOs to benchmark their performance over time; and
  • Identify and highlight the key factors and best practices that drive DMO performance – which are applicable to all DMOs.

Data from each participating DMO was collected and analyzed to produce individualized reports for each participating DMO that benchmarked their performance on over 24 metrics against a comparable peer group as well as the wider study group. The study has since been updated.


The results of this study allow DMOs to make strategic decisions on resource allocation to focus on those factors that drive DMO performance and results. The study utilizes multiple different measures of DMO performance and efficiency, which allows individual DMOs to select and focus on those that best reflect their own unique goals and needs.