Bolshoye Savino Airport Public-Private Partnership

The Challenge

The Ministry of Transport of Perm Krai initiated transfer of Bolshoye Savino shares from federal to regional government level.  The future ownership comes with an obligation to create financial, legal and economic framework for developing and constructing a new passenger terminal building.

Our Role

In cooperation with NACO and Ernst & Young Russia, InterVISTAS was in charge of the PPP feasibility study for Bolshoye Savino new airport terminal.


Review and analysis of current financial-economic and legal framework for PPP projects in aviation in Russia. Development of a pre-feasibility study and financial model. As a result InterVISTAS and partners developed tailor-made options for potential PPP for the new terminal building of Bolshoye Savino Airport. The PPP tender between potential airport investor and operator and  Perm Krai government is expected to be announced in the first half of 2012.