Atlantic Gateway Business Case and Strategic Plan

The Challenge

Growth in global trade, particularly between North America and the Asia Pacific region has resulted in an increase in passenger and cargo traffic between the two regional trading blocs, creating gateway opportunities for regions along the coast of North America. For east coast regions in North America, there is an opportunity to serve as a conduit for North America-Asia Pacific trade flows via the Suez Canal. Atlantic Canada is well positioned to take advantage of these gateway opportunities.

Our Role

InterVISTAS was commissioned by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), an economic development agency of the Federal Government, to help develop a Business Case & Strategic Plan for the Atlantic Gateway opportunity. Work included a review of global economic and trade trends, marine and air traffic (including passengers and cargo), an evaluation of the potential opportunity including traffic projections, industry consultations and workshop, and development of a vision for the Atlantic Gateway.


The Business Case & Strategic Plan has provided a framework for stakeholders to work together to achieve the vision for the Atlantic Gateway. An Atlantic Gateway Federal-Provincial Officials Committee has since been established to develop the gateway opportunity for Atlantic Canada.