Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Landside Commercial Development: Schiphol Plaza

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Landside Commercial Development Schiphol Plaza - Post

The Challenge

Schiphol Plaza was conceived in 1992-1994 as Amsterdam Schiphol Airport’s ground transportation centre. A traffic junction of cars, taxis, buses, rail and air with 50 million visitors per year. The needs of flying and non-flying customers  had to be met by developing a landside shopping and F&B centre. With a different brand and mix from the airport’s airside SeeBuyFly program.

Our Role

Within Schiphol Group’s own commercial development department, Johan Schölvinck and colleagues conceived a unique plan for Schiphol Plaza during 1993-1994 with 5.000 m2 of shops, bars and restaurants. The program had to be geared towards meeters & greeters, staff, arriving passengers and rail commuters, and therefore received a distinct Dutch sense of place.


In 1995 Schiphol Plaza opened and immediately became a hit with all its different target groups. Spending soon grew to more than EUR 5 per visitor. Since then spending has continuously grown and the commercial area has expanded to more than 8.000 m2. Schiphol Plaza is a leading example in the airport world of a landside ground transportation/shopping centre.