Africa Regional Expansion Study

The Challenge

The Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) manages the State’s common shareholder interest in South African Airways (SAA) and South African Airways Express (SAX). The DPE sought to update and re-evaluate air carrier regional market opportunities to fulfill the State’s intent for its carriers to implement the African Aviation Strategy that aligns with the founding mandates of both airlines.

Our Role

In conjunction with South Africa-based, SSI Engineers and Environmental Consultants (“SSI”), InterVISTAS led the market study of the region providing an in-depth evaluation of existing air carrier services, competitive position, ease of doing business and other market considerations. Following delivery of the Study, stakeholder workshops were conducted by InterVISTAS with the DPE Aviation Team and  senior airline management to discuss findings and recommendations.


The Study and ensuing workshops provided  stakeholders with clarity on issues and identified key areas of interest as input to the draft recommendations made to the Transport Minister by the DPE. The strategy is aimed at focusing the attention of the two State-owned airlines, SAA and SAX, on “opportunities in the continent and on promoting regional integration”.