ACRP Report 76 – Addressing Uncertainty about Future Airport Activity Levels…

The Challenge

Forecasting activity levels is an essential step in airport planning and financing, yet critical parameters essential for preparation of air traffic forecasts (e.g., economic growth, fuel costs, and airline yields) have recently become more volatile. To address this, a study was commissioned by ACRP to outline methods to deal with risk uncertainties in forecasting.

Our Role

InterVISTAS provided a systems analysis methodology that augmented standard airport master planning and strategic planning approaches. The methodology includes a set of tools for improving the understanding and application of risk and uncertainty in air traffic forecasts as well as for increasing overall effectiveness of airport planning and decision making.


The study was published in October 2012 and is expected to assist airports in future forecasts. Dr. Richard de Neufville calls the InterVISTAS report a “path-breaking contribution to the field of airport planning and decision-making.”