2012 China, India and Latin America Air Service Development Strategies

The Challenge

Alberta Tourism Parks and Recreation wished to evaluate the potential for new air services to Alberta from China, India and Latin American nations, and create an air service development strategy to improve air access.

Our Role

InterVISTAS conducted a three part study which included: a situation analysis, stakeholder consultations, and strategy development.  In the process, InterVISTAS  identified and prioritized potential air service providers and specific route opportunities, which lead to the development of an overall strategy and tactical implementation plan to secure new flights, and define stakeholder roles and responsibilities.


The research, consultations and analysis undertaken during the course of this study indicate that direct, scheduled air service between Alberta and these new markets should be considered as mid to longer term objectives for the province. However, improvements can be made to connecting air services in the short/medium term. Alberta Tourism Parks and Recreation has taken the recommendations of this study and is pursuing our recommendations for increased air services.