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The services offered below are provided through SkyWorks/IPG, a partnership between SkyWorks Holdings and InterVISTAS Consulting Inc., which joins together the capabilities of both firms to offer integrated solutions for airline network and fleet planning.

Network Planning

  • Effective network planning is at the core of an airline’s ability to profitably match capacity with market demand.  SkyWorks/IPG has helped diverse airlines evaluate the right network to serve their markets; assess current networks vis-á-vis strategic objectives; identify markets to create, retain or cancel; investigate the profitability of new hub structures; and then select the optimal fleet for the network.
  • The Skyworks/IPG approach uses industry data and world-class network planning models to accurately predict the revenue and earning power of schedule and fleet options under different economic and competitive scenarios and to develop short- and long-term solutions
    for the business.
  • The SkyWorks/IPG team includes experienced former senior airline executives with strategy, network, commercial, pricing/revenue management and fleet backgrounds.

Fleet Planning

  • The aviation market is a constantly and rapidly shifting environment, yet aircraft assets are capital intensive and often require significant lead time to either acquire or divest.  To succeed in spite of this apparent mismatch between fluid demand and static capacity, an airline needs to be proactive and forward-thinking in developing its fleet plan.
  • SkyWorks/IPG has developed proprietary fleet structure simulation tools that allow us to evaluate all of the varied considerations in developing an airline’s fleet plan.  Among other criteria, we incorporate our client’s fleet and financing structure; the timing of cost of fleet renewal programs; revenue and operating costs; impact of maintenance costs; and the feasibility and expense associated with all available financing options.  Once a course of action is identified, our capability extends to include aircraft acquisition and fleet restructuring services.