Borders, Safety & Security

International air travel accounts for most of the growth in the aviation industry. Globalization enables local economies to grow by exporting goods and providing services to other countries. Such economic growth creates major impacts and pressures on customs and immigration facilities along our borders and points of entries. Many airports, ports, and land borders are incapable of accommodating surging traffic, which also impacts the overall guest experience.

Border delays for both passengers and cargo have also increased over the past decade due to increased safety and security demands. These concerns have complicated the processing of goods and passengers through many borders and points of entry. Increased security measures will continue to challenge the industry and facility planners.

InterVISTAS has unique expertise in borders, safety and security. We have worked with several clients and government agencies to introduce innovative processes for air, land, and marine modes. Our team has extensive experience on facilitation issues and solutions across North America, Europe, and Asia. We lead and participate in several coalitions dedicated to improve the facilitation of international traffic.

InterVISTAS offers a broad range of services to assist facility operators and government agencies in all aspects of border and security operations: