Airport Planning

Planning is an investment in your airport’s future. At InterVISTAS, we align our approach with our client’s strategic objectives. Our team of planners have provided a diverse range of services at airports of all sizes throughout the U.S. and several commercial service airports located throughout world. From large-scale planning assignments to small-scale specialized analyses, we can help you drive your organization’s progress with innovative solutions to your most pressing challenges.

Our service offerings include:

Strategic Planning
• Airport land use planning
• Airport master planning
• Airport system planning
• Air cargo services
• Land use and commercial planning
• Owner’s advisory services
• Scenario planning and sensitivity analysis
Airside and Airfield Planning
• Airport layout plans
• Airfield planning and geometrics
• Apron planning and operational analyses
Aviation Demand Forecasts
• Annual passenger and operations forecasts
• Future flight schedules and derivative forecast products
• Forecast peer reviews
• Multi-airport system forecasts
Business and Financial Planning
• Airline agreement advisory services
• Airport financial modeling
• Capital improvement planning and project justification
• Economic impact studies
• Financial feasibility studies
• Privatization advisory services
Ground Transportation and Parking Planning
• Access and circulation roadway planning and simulation
• Commercial vehicle facilities, operations, and fees
• Curbside optimization, operational, and capacity analyses
• Ground transportation and parking management and agreements
• Parking facility planning
• Parking revenue, products, and services
• Rental car facilities and operational planning
• Multi-modal planning
Terminal Planning
• Aircraft gate optimization and utilization
• Facilities requirements and programming
• Conceptual planning and design
• Program definition
• Passenger flow optimization and modeling
• Apron planning and optimization
• Terminal simulation modeling and analyses
• Security screening optimization