Expert Witness

InterVISTAS provides support to clients facing litigation or regulatory reviews. Examples of expert witness services that we have provided include:

  • Applications for authorization for mergers.
  • Disputes regarding whether an airport abused alleged monopoly powers in a land development dispute.
  • Investigations regarding and abuse of dominance before a court or competition tribunal.
  • Predatory pricing disputes.
  • Designation of an air carrier to serve an international route.
  • Economic principles governing airport operation and planning.
  • Economic competitive conditions in airline markets.
  • Airline acquisition hearing before a competition authority.
  • Proper planning horizons for airport planning decisions.
  • Discount rates to use in discounting amounts for damages in a civil litigation.
  • Airport land valuation for property tax disputes.
  • Economic principles governing railway costing for rate arbitrations.
  • Labor arbitration.
  • Development of position papers for government hearings reviewing various aspects of transportation policy.

Dr. Michael Tretheway, Chief Economist & Chief Strategy Officer, is recognized as one of the world’s leading transportation economists. ┬áDr. Tretheway has appeared as an expert witness before courts, tribunals, regulatory agencies and private arbitrators in North America, Australia/New Zealand and the European Union.