Development Economics

The Development Economics practice at InterVISTAS includes senior professionals with experience at the international and local community level, both in quantitative and qualitative analysis. The team delivers development projects for clients that range from opportunity analysis to support of large-scale strategic economic development initiatives. Through analytical and hands-on experience, the team has developed expertise working with business, community groups, state and local governments, indigenous populations, and non-profit organizations.

InterVISTAS has worked with rural economies and supported their sustainable development, providing services in:

Economic & statistical analysis and modelling: We develop and apply advanced economic and statistical techniques to identify strategic intelligence. Our analysis has been used to assess and develop government policy and aid private sector clients in developing their marketing and strategic plans. The calibre of our analysis is reflected in the number of peer-reviewed articles published by our professionals and the successful use of our analysis in expert witness testimonials.

Business & strategic planning and analysis: We help clients establish a clear vision of the future and develop effective strategies to achieve their goals. Our business and strategic planning services provide concrete actions to overcome challenges affecting our clients’ business – be it regulatory, process, community relations or competitive threats. [read more about business strategy capabilities]

Community economic development: We work with communities to develop and implement economic development strategies, not just write reports. We collaborate with community leaders and action teams to develop a strategic economic vision for the future, define a sense of urgency, set goals and priorities, identify opportunities for asset-based economic development, and develop teams to leverage those assets. We guide industry cluster teams through the assessment and delivery of new business opportunities.

Feasibility Analysis: One of the most difficult analysis is determining the feasibility of a new infrastructure or operation where no local parallel exists. We develop feasibility analyses on potential projects which are used by banks, governments, and boards to assess major potential projects.

Forecasting & scenario analysis: Our team assists clients in developing forecasts related to transportation movements, tourism volumes, demographics, energy and resource consumption, and waste and emissions. We employ a scenario-based approach to improve the validity of our projections. These “what-if ” experiments are thought- provoking and help clients understand the future implications of both internal decisions and external forces. [read more about forecasting capabilities]