Consumer Research

InterVISTAS brings a combined 20 years of senior consulting experience in designing and managing consumer research programs that respond directly to the specific needs of our clients and their customer base on an ongoing basis. We have honed our approach to bring the rigor and discipline of advanced quantitative methods – survey design, sampling plans, deep data analysis – and combined this with qualitative expertise in focus group design and moderation, one-on-one depth interviews, trend interpretation, strategic planning and advice.

Quantitative Research

Our quantitative methods have been tested and proven with the successful execution of more than 100,000 airport customer service surveys worldwide. We have a track record of accurately assessing, interpreting and reporting upon the airport customer experience in complex multi-lingual and multi-cultural passenger settings. These airport customer survey programs have taken place throughout Canada, the United States, Chile, Dominican Republic, Saint Martin, the Bahamas, and in New Zealand.

Other  associated airport and related air passenger research projects have been undertaken in five continents – Europe (Spain, France, U.K., Germany, Norway), North America (Canada, the United States and Mexico), South America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela), Asia (China, India, Japan) and Australia.

These quantitative projects and strategy programs span a range of airport customer groups such as resident passengers, non-resident passengers, meeters/greeters, air carriers, freight forwarders, customs and immigration agencies, security screening providers, concession groups and airport employees.

Qualitative Research

To date, InterVISTAS has designed and moderated more than 50 customer focus groups on a variety of travel-related, service-related and experience-related topics. These focus groups have captured feedback on global travel experiences and issues from air travellers residing in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, the United States, China, Japan, India, and Singapore.

InterVISTAS also has significant experience and expertise in conducting stakeholder consultation exercises worldwide – from group session facilitation to one-on-one depth interviews. These approaches provide a key qualitative perspective to our market research and strategic planning engagements with airport groups, tourism destinations and other community groups.