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YYC Long-Term Forecast and Design Day Flight Schedules


Calgary, AB

Service Area

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Calgary Airport YYC

Project Brief

InterVISTAS was commissioned to develop a 20-year, risk-based air traffic forecast that could support the airport’s long-term planning activities. A highly detailed design day flight schedule for 2025 was required to identify immediate infrastructure and operational needs.


The Calgary Airport Authority (CAA) requested a combined forecasting effort of a long-term traffic forecast and peak-day design day flight schedules to review their existing facility constraints and refresh their long-term growth outlook. InterVISTAS employed its risk-based forecasting approach to develop a stochastic long-term traffic forecast for YYC including O/D and E/D passengers, connecting passengers, and a detailed aircraft movement forecast.

Following the annual forecast, a highly detailed design day forecast was developed for peak Summer and Winter days. The DDFS were developed in collaboration with YYC staff to incorporate the most local and industry knowledge regarding future airline plans and assumptions. The DDFS development also featured the use of the LIFTPlan network modelling tool to validate incremental air service assumptions.


The long-term forecast has provided the CAA a renewed outlook on long-term market developments for their airport with the peak day flight schedules helped to inform near-term capacity needs.

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