InterVISTAS Advisory Board

In keeping with its strategy to deliver the best expertise possible, InterVISTAS has established an Advisory Board whose members have extensive experience in the aviation industry. Advisory Board members can give insight and expert opinion on many aspects of the industry as well as provide an understanding of emerging trends. The Advisory Board gives InterVISTAS an additional tool to better serve our clients and to help anticipate their future needs.

Current Advisory Board members are:

Paul Ouimet, Managing Director, DestinationNEXT; Executive Consultant, InterVISTAS Consulting; Former Executive Vice President, InterVISTAS Consulting

PaulOuimet_250x250A founding partner of InterVISTAS, Paul led our tourism and strategic planning practices. He successfully delivered strategic plans for governments, destinations, non-profit organizations, airports, ports, and hotels in North America and the Caribbean. He completed organization reviews and developed start-up plans and business plans for new ventures.

Paul gained an international reputation for facilitating strategic planning retreats and conducts sensitive consultations as a key deliverable under various projects. He has extensive knowledge of transportation policy issues in all modes of transport.

Paul is leading ARENA, an exciting new initiative to deliver a comprehensive worldwide DMO benchmarking program.

Dr. Peter Belobaba – Principal Research Scientist, MIT International Center for Air Transportation

Peter BelobabaPeter is Principal Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and teaches graduate subjects on The Airline Industry, Airline Management, and Air Transportation Operations Research. He is Program Manager of MIT’s Global Airline Industry Program and Director of the PODS Revenue Management Research Consortium. Peter has been involved in research related to airline economics, pricing, competition and revenue management since 1985. He has worked as a consultant on the development, testing and implementation of pricing and revenue management systems at over forty airlines and other companies worldwide.

Peter has published numerous articles in a variety of journals, including Airline Business, Operations Research, Transportation Science, Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management, and Journal of Air Transport Management.

Peter holds an MS in Transportation and a Ph.D. in Flight Transportation Systems from MIT. He is a lead author and editor of the recently released book, The Global Airline Industry.