The company was created in 1997 as a subsidiary of the Vancouver International Airport Authority. The very successful Marketing & Planning Department of the airport was transferred to a new company called YVR VISTAS to provide consulting services. Less than two years later, the employees bought the company, renaming it InterVISTAS.

Our name is based on the word VISTA, recognizing that we work with many clients to help them create and achieve future visions. In many languages, “VISTA” means a view extending to the far horizon. In Italian, it connotes the ability to imagine the distant future. In Spanish, French and Portuguese, “VISTA” means VISION.

InterVISTAS has developed into a successful, international company. Our firm has merged with a few  other successful consulting companies, including Global Aviation Associates and Innova Aviation Consulting, expanding our capabilities and giving us a larger presence in the US and abroad. Offices have also been established in other countries to better serve a rapidly expanding list of clients.

In 2008, InterVISTAS was acquired by the DHV Group, an international engineering, project management and consulting company based in The Netherlands and Delcan. DHV became the sole shareholder in 2011.  On July 1,  2012, DHV and Royal Haskoning merged to become Royal HaskoningDHV.

The following table highlights some of our company’s milestones.