Young InterVISTAS

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Young InterVISTAS (YIVC) is an inclusive team of young professionals from across InterVISTAS Consulting’s global offices. The objective of the Young InterVISTAS program is to advance, challenge and retain young professionals by facilitating professional development and providing networking opportunities across borders and practice lines. This group helps cultivate the firm’s future leaders from the “bottom up” by providing the support required to create a strong base of knowledgeable analysts, consultants and managers. Young InterVISTAS currently has over 25 members spanning geographies, practice lines and positions. YIVC provides a platform for the junior group to share knowledge and expertise and contribute to various corporate initiatives. Not to mention, this group provides exceptional opportunities to meet and greet colleagues through informal social gatherings and professional development sessions.

The Young InterVISTAS team will involve you in cross practice group projects, business discussions and help guide you through the personal and professional development opportunities that stem from working in an exciting international environment. We will provide a pillar of support as you pursue your career goals and explore innovative ways to deliver value to our clients.

YIVC also works to enhance the corporate culture at InterVISTAS. We provide a platform to facilitate idea sharing not only amongst YIVC members and management. We are always looking for new ideas and initiatives to foster growth for both the company and its employees.

Jody Kositsky
Chair of Young InterVISTAS