Port Metro Vancouver Container Forecast

The Challenge

Since 1990, containerized cargo demand at Port Metro Vancouver and other North American container port terminals has increased rapidly. However, there was a sharp drop in 2008/2009, followed by a strong recovery. The objective of this assignment is to develop container forecasts for Port Metro Vancouver for the purposes of long-term planning and the evaluation of container capacity expansion projects.

Our Role

We completed a comprehensive market review and assessment as part of the container forecast. This included a review and examination of the global and regional economic outlook, trade and container shipping trends, regional capacity and productivity, future ship size, and Port Metro Vancouver’s competitive position, among other elements. Statistical analysis, including a Monte Carlo assessment, was also conducted.


The findings of the study shows that Port Metro Vancouver is well placed to serve the midwest, and offers a highly competitive transport alternative within the Pacific Northwest and in relation to Panama and Suez alternatives to serve this market, both now and in the future. Port Metro Vancouver’s share of the North American container market is expected to increase, with a range of forecasts provided.