Orlando-Sanford Airport Leakage Study

The Challenge

Orlando-Sanford International Airport and Orlando International are equi-distant from the Orlando population core.  To support its air service development objectives, Orlando-Sanford International Airport needed to demonstrate it’s viability as an alternative gateway.  Much of the service available at both airports is provided by LCC’s with low GDS participation; thereby limiting the ability to apply GDS point of sale information to determine catchment area volumes.

Our Role

InterVISTAS created a sophisticated model of passenger choice behavior based on the competitiveness of air service and air fares.  The choice model was then used to estimate airport market share by catchment area and destination.  The results of the model were further scrutinized using a creative linear programming application to ensure that the predicted market shares led to airport and catchment area market sizes were consistent with their population demographics.


The market share analysis clearly demonstrated a far more sizeable market potential than was generally recognized and provided realistic catchment area traffic volumes by destination, which the airport needed to create credible and compelling cases for expanding air services.